A history of roofing…..

American Roofing Technologies wasn’t just one mans creation for the love of the trade, it came from a family that took pride in the trade. It came from a family that passed the skill down generations. Roofing wasn’t just something we did, it runs through our veins. My grandpa Jim was a roofer, as were my Uncle andFather. Starting when i was a child helping the old man tear down barns and trying to see all the cool stuff i could destroy. It was always a good time to go to work with dad. Growing older I didn’t really plan on being a roofer but God wanted different. 

After high school I worked in some factories and realized I hated it. School never was for me, so college didn’t seem like a plan. So I went to work with the old man. I loved a hard days work and being outdoors. The sun can always brighten your day but it can get hot as hell too. I had to start at the bottom, so i was the new laborer. The pay wasn’t great but working with my Uncle and father was great. I knew in my head i was going to work my way up. I quickly realized that was going to take awhile. After three years of laboring i finally moved up to an installer. I worked under the best in the business, my old man and uncle Buck.  After asking for a pay raise one day and being denied i started to realize my fate, and what my old man meant when he would say “the closer the kin, the deeper in”. I was on the search for more so I decided to part ways.

 I worked for my old hillbilly neighbor and good buddy Herby Baker, but i relized it wasn’t steady enough. So I went to work for my cousin Tommy. I then got word on a good job. It was to be a service installer for a company called Fasten Pro. I was working with a whole new realm of people. I had performed service work but not all the time. It was a new experience.  I was doing all specialized jobs such as flashing chimneys to installing box gutters. I moved up in the company fast and within five years i was promoted to Superintendent. But i still wasn’t happy. So i concocted a plan….. I was going to start my own company. 

It all started with making a name. Hmmmm, what could it be? I thought of tons. One of my favorites was Frontline Roofing. I thought of it as being on the battlefield and being the first in, The true war heroes. But then the more i thought about it, it reminded me of flea and tick killer for pets. Being a true patriot and loving the technological side of roofing I came up with American Roofing Technologies.  A.R.T., because it is art. After becoming a true craftsman of the trade, I could do slate and tile roofs and awesome copper decorative pieces such as finials. I knew this name was just for me. Then I  needed a logo. What better logo than two hammers crossing with a pritective circle? Then i wanted my name in the logo too. It was like it was meant to be. A sign of craftsman. Then I was on to creating other things that I had to do to become legit. I had to get licenses and insurance and all the correct tools to perform the jobs. It was really hard getting started considering I tried to make this move at the end of winter time. It was a really big leap and a leap of faith. Being confident and having a great wife that believed in me I just knew that this could be accomplished. It was a struggle at first going door-to-door and realizing that people didn’t want you knocking at their home. I got a great opportunity when I received a call from a lead service called HomeAdvisor. They asked me to sign up for their program and start receiving their leads. I was a little iffy about it but I thought what do I have to lose? So I gave it a shot. 

It turned out to be awesome, when I landed my first job it was a roof painting job. It really boosted my confidence and let me know that I could do it and I was on track for success. As time went on and I started receiving good reviews I realized that there was more that had to be done. Always building relationships and receiving good feedback from your customers is the fate of your company. So customer satisfaction has always been number one for me. Thinking about giving out warranties and things like that had me pondering. How can I link up with my customers to take care of them the best? My answer to that was to give them the most professional work possible. So with our five year warranty we will fully cover all of our customers. And then the materials we would use would always be recommended as the best to last a lifetime. It was then decided that this would be the life for us, to become the most trusted local contractor for everybody to use. We always value our customers and give them the lowest price possible by keeping a low overhead. We continue to strive for perfection from top to bottom. American Roofing always want to be your contractor.  

Thanks to all of our customers that made this dream come true!